Lips Don't Lie

Red lipstick is such a sexy classic, and I hate to tamper with it, but I think it's time for a change. As much as I love my Revlon "in the red" (the perfect pin up girl red for my "tawny" complexion) there's a new lipstick that has taken over the makeup drawer.

I'm absolutely loving Revlon's "Strawberry Suede" it feels a little girlier and lighter to me than my red lipstick, and I've been wearing it all week.

Although, let's be honest, I will always be wearing red lipstick on Friday and Saturday nights. Nothing has quite that same retro sizzle as bright red lips.

And for anyone who is still hesitant about lipstick ( I know most girls stick with the black eyeliner and gloss routine) check out Revlon's lipsticks, especially the Matte collection which is my favorite. They've been around since the 1930's and have sold lipstick since 1940. They know their stuff.

Their lipstick comes in a bazillion colors, goes on creamy, stays FOREVER, fades evenly and all of this for only about $7.

So feel free to dabble and experiment, that's what life's all about right?

photo thanks to SarizZzZzle.

note: the lipstick pictured isn't "strawberry suede" but the color is very similar.

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