Return to the City

Thanksgiving as always was lovely, but as my lovely friend Anya (who now lives in New York as well) says "I have had enough of the village. It is time to return to society."
Please just imagine that in the thickest, haughtiest Russian accent you will probably ever hear.
*sigh* I wish I had an awesome accent.

Also for the first time in forever I've found that I'm ahead of the game. The homework is done, the apartment is clean (at least for the next 2.5 seconds until my roommates show up. God, they're slobs) and the Christmas shopping is done.
I'm not really a big advocate for those things that go "What to get your mom, sister, half brother and dog for Christmas!" because I feel that Christmas presents are personal and really depend on the person you're giving them to.
That said, perhaps something on my list might fit someone you know, and I actually just want to show the goodies I found (I'm quite proud. Early AND on budget. WOOO!)

The movie Slap Shot (featuring Paul Newman) for my dad. This is for the man who has watched Miracle 17 times. That is not an exaggeration.

I figure that this would be a pretty good present considering the guys in the sports section of the school newspaper spent the entire last meeting debating the "Best Sports Movies EVAH!!!" for the entire hour, and this was repeatedly brought up against Friday Night Lights.

If you also have a jock on your hands (or in my dad's case) someone who wishes they were a jock, pick up the movie here.

A Worry Woolie journal for my sister. I figure she has a small collection of ugly dolls, loves to write, and come on, how cute is this bugger?
What are Ugly Dolls?
These guys. I think my sister might have all of them.
If you want to pick up a Worry Woolie for an aspiring writer or ugly-things lover, pop over to Spiderbite's Etsy shop.
A mini collection of Versace nail polishes for my other sister. She'll probably beat the pulp out of you rather than admit it, but my youngest sister is kind of a girly-girl at heart. I think that the red one will go particularly well with her goalie uniform.
To pick up a set (at a ridiculously reduced price I might add) head over to The Beauty Ticket.

John Varvatos, one of my favorite guy scents for Blondie. I figure this will give him a nudge in the right direction and wean him off of drug store scents. As much as I loved Axe on a guy (when I was, ahem, 13) having a cologne is so much more sophisticated and appropriate for someone who is in their twenties. Now if I could only get him to ditch those ratty jeans...
It's definitely a woody, spicy scent (Yum). If there's a guy in your life that could use a little help in the scent department, head over to Sephora.

Of course, you might be wondering, what about good old mum?
I'm making her a few coupons for cooking dinner for the family (my mom would rather spork herself to death than cook) and treating her to a manicure and pedicure. I figure that's a pretty good present for a woman who is the human equivalent of the energizer bunny.

Anyway, hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving.

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