The Fuzz

I know that this is one of those gimmicky tools that are always on those ten hour long infomercials. You know, the ones on at 3 am that are strangely mesmerizing after WAY too many cups of coffee. But trust me on this. If you live anywhere that requires any sort of woven clothing (aka anywhere that's not on the equator) you need this in your life.

I just pulled out four of my favorite sweaters out of storage a month ago and *sigh* they were covered in those obnoxious little fuzz balls. The kind of fuzz that you pick at and it just seems to grow more obnoxious and screams "I'm a slob!", or maybe that's just my OCD self talking.
Anyway, a couple swipes with this gadget and they looked good as new, or at least only a couple weeks old.
Although warning, be careful not to press down to hard on the seams. It nicked open the armpit of one of my sweaters when I first tried it, but I was able to sew it right up. I'd recommend practicing for a minute or two on something you don't care about before moving onto any cashmere.

So by my math:
4 sweaters X $60 each = $240
Fuzz Wizard Fabric Shaver from Amazon= $9.95

Being able to wear my favorite sweaters again this winter without picking at fuzz on my sleeves every couple of seconds? Definitely worth a lot more than $9.95.

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Cafe Fashionista said...

That is so not your OCD talking. I literally trashed a handful of sweaters (luckily they were inexpensive ones) simply because they were covered in those fuzz balls. I agree, I always feel as if they're shouting to the world "look, I'm a slob!" It's embarrassing. I wish I would have known about this back then - I will be picking one up. Great review, Erin! :)