My Christmas Wishlist

Every year my family complains that I'm "SOOOOO picky" and it's "SOOO HARD to shop for you". So every year I wind up making a idiot-proof wishlist at the beginning of December for them. It usually consists of those things that I really, desperately need or just can't justify buying for myself.
So Santa, since I've been such a good, good girl this year....

Wanted Pops black ballet flats
I wore a hole in the heel of my BCBG black flats and am in desperate need of another pair. I honestly have never heard of anyone wearing through a pair of shoes before... I must walk really hard or something.

Candle Bay Lavender and Gardenia reed diffusers
Mmmmmm.... gardenia.

Tretorn Skerry Vinter boots
Rain and snow boots. If you haven't heard yet about why I hate buying practical shoes, please check out this.

Stars for Sydell double finger ring
Okay, so this doesn't qualify as a "need" really, but I do really, really want it.

Winona Dimeo Ediger's book: Closet Confidential
I love this blogger, if you haven't heard of her go check her out right this second. I'm also endlessly impressed by anyone who can write a book and according to the reviews it's just as hilarious as her blog.

Passes to my Bikram yoga studio
Because although $20 a class can eat up a wad of cash, sometimes you just need some help to get your zen on.

Gift certificate to my favorite spa back home
Sometimes during the winter I like to play the game that "if I can't see my disgusting, calloused, hang-nailed feet, they don't exist". Unfortunately that doesn't work too well.
So if you live anywhere on the North Shore of MA, check out Nails & Spa Co. They are super cheap and do an awesome mani, pedi and facial.

photos thanks to Princess Cy and Eric Lon

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Cafe Fashionista said...

I just bought a Double Finger Ring from Forever 21. Bes.t Investment. Ever. It's so elegant. Love the one you chose here! :)