Black is Always the New Black

Oh black, how I love thee. Certainly not more than anyone else in New York.
Honestly, what's not to like? It's slimming (apparently), goes with everything, is always classic, is always chic, and lets you push off laundry day for another week (or more. Not that I do of course)
I thought I knew how to handle black. Until I got to New York and realized some of the more stylish city-dwellers take dressing in all black to the level of official sport of New York.

What I've learned so far:

black 1
black 1 by erind90 featuring Repetto shoes

This outfit is decent and pretty flop-proof. But let's face it, it's also kind of boring and you look like you're about to go tech for a play or something.

So to really add pizazz to such a monotone outfit, try using textures.

black by erind90 featuring Michael Kors

black 3
black 3 by erind90 featuring Roberto Cavalli

See? Isn't that better? Adding different textures creates visual interest, so it isn't quite so boring. As does having something with a different or striking silhouette.

black 5
black 5 by erind90 featuring DKNY

Or my favorite way of making all black a bit more interesting, just add bling. I personally love the way gold and black look together (and with my skin tone) but I think anything sparkly and fun would do the trick.
black 4
black 4 by erind90 featuring Splendid

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