Shoes in the Wild

I saw them! My dream United Nude shoes! I was walking down Broadway and this girl came towards me, looking cute as could be. So of course I was admiring her outfit. Then she turned to go into the movie theatre, and I saw THE SHOES! I might have done a double take. One of these days someone's going to call me out for checking out girls feet.
But the point is that this girl was wearing my dream shoes and she looked divine in them.
I mean really, how cute is this outfit? I'm promptly going to copy everything about it (except of course, the shoes. :( someday, perhaps Christmas?)

the shoes
the shoes by erind90 featuring United Nude shoes


Anonymous said...

the United Nude shoes look amazing. Post a picture of you wearing them!

Erin said...

I don't have them at the moment, but I hope to soon! Hopefully santa has realized I've been a very good girl this year :)