There is simply nothing like a fantastic pair of shoes to finish off a classic outfit.

Like just about every girl out there, I love shoes and I really can't think of anything that I would rather shop for. Perhaps it's because while we gain and lose weight, age and stretch and just generally re-shape ourselves, our feet stay pretty much consistent. Maybe that's the allure of a great pair of shoes and a handbag: they'll never make you feel fat or ugly and will still be fabulous even on your less than fabulous days.

Anyway, enough of my accessories philosophy.
At the moment I'm merely window shopping and these are a few beauties that I would love to find in my closet.

These galoshes by Vivienne Westwood for Melissa I might actually consider wearing... even when it's not raining outside.

Both of these are from Omelle. Just check out the curved metal and wood heel, it looks like a tusk. Awesome.

Pour La Victoire, how I love thee... too bad you're shoes are completely impractical for a college student to own. So while I'm budgeting for fur chubbies and flats, I'll just keep drooling over your designs. I love the ruffle (but I love ruffles on everything) and that jade green color? Yum.

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Dallas Shaw said...

love the omelle boots