Inspiration (Home Style)

I'm still gathering up some inspiration for what I want to do with this new apartment, but here's my moodboard of sorts. Some things that I definitely know I want: orchids, a sheep rug, a big mirror leaning against the wall, black laquer furniture, lots of little picture frames on the wall with photos or without, soft lighting, sheer curtains, vintage mannequins.
The color scheme I want is similar to my own wardrobe, black, grey, white, cream, and maybe a soft pink, though I'm definitely leaning towards painting my walls either a linen color or the lightest shade of tea green.



It's moving day here, so I have all of my stuff packed up and ready to go. I'm just crossing my fingers that all of it will fit in the back of a truck, as I refuse to deal with a moving van.
It's such a strange feeling seeing everything you own in one neat little pile. I still feel like I have too much, but c'est la vie.

I feel really nervous and my stomach is tight. Probably because this will be the first time that I'm not living with some sort of parent figure around to be a safety net if shit hits the fan. Now that I'm moving off University property, this is my first "real" apartment. I'm scared, nervous and very excited. 
Of course, Residential Life left me with one more kick in the ass to make sure that I'm more "good riddance" and excited than scared. Apparently I have to leave on the 19th, no exceptions, even though I explained that I can't move into my apartment until June 1st. Can't we work something out? 
Of course not, because that's the way things work and if we started making exceptions the world would fall apart. 
Ah... bureaucracy. How I despise thee. 
So I'm camping out on my girl friend's couch for the next 12 days. But I'm so excited to have a little place of my own to decorate. 

I took a quick snapshot of my bedroom after we signed the lease, and the rest of the apartment is gorgeous and so much space! My bedroom is on the long and narrow side, so behind me is more space and a walk in closet. Also outside that window is the fire escape which leads directly to the rooftop. Sweet. 
I'm already thinking of what I want to do to it, after I clean up the shit that the previous tenant left. I already know I want to keep those gorgeous 20th century hardwood floors. They just need a good polish. We're ripping down those horrendous floral curtains and putting up something lighter, and the whole place needs a good coat of white paint. As for the rest... I need to wait and gather some inspiration. I've never dealt with interior design on a shoestring budget, but it can't be that much different than fashion! 


Weekend Outfit

Here's my outfit I wore today for bumping around town, running a few errands, helping my friend pack and for a late night coffee date. So something stylish, comfy, that I can pretty much do backflips and jumping jacks in was necessary.

Also I was super proud of my mad make-up skillz... check out the subtle day time cat eye. It's small steps but at least I'm going somewhere and being able to draw a straight line is a big leap.

And yes, I realize I'm only 20 and have forehead wrinkles. I blame finals week and too much caffeine, hopefully they'll fade when I start to sleep regular hours again. 


Do it in the AM

Some Saturday party music...

Do it in the AM by Frankmusik



Finally finishing up the semester with finals week and trying to find an apartment for the next year. We have a candidate (a lovely little duplex in Brooklyn) and might possibly be signing the lease tonight, so wish me luck!

In the meantime, here's a video of a funny dog with eyebrows... because it's Wednesday and I could use a smile:


New Trench

My old trench coat is starting to fray at the edges. While I'm just tempted to call it a fashion statement, it might be time to retire it and find a new one.

I'm considering this one from J. Jill. I like the crinkly fabric, and it's a little different because it has no buttons and closes just with a tie belt like a wrap. Plus, it's only $49.99 right now which doesn't hurt, but I have a feeling that the sizing is going to be too big for me. 

What do you think? Try the more relaxed version or stick with a more traditional trench coat? 


Spring Time in the City

A few more photos as I was traipsing around the city this week. 
I'm so excited because a few of my photos are going up in my school's art gallery for the summer, which is such an honor at my artsy campus! I'll be sure to take pictures of it when it goes up.

And an old one, I found this again as I was cleaning out my external hard drive. It's from a month or so ago, but it's so rare that my two little sisters and I are all in the same photo together! Aren't they pretty? I miss them already, but the one in the middle is coming to live with me during the summer in New York with two of her friends, so I'm super stoked. It's my graduation present to her : )


Rolling in the Deep

Love this girl with my heart and soul, such a great song and music video.
You really don't hear artists like Adele often, not only does she have an AH-mazing voice, but she has some serious soul. Listening to her new album I feel like half of them were written by a friend confiding in me and saying "I've been there in spades darling, just listen..."
As for the other half, they still make my chest absolutely ache. She has such a heartbreakingly beautiful and emotive voice.
As for this one? This is definitely a *sigh* I've so been there... song.

Rolling in the Deep by Adele


More Work Outfits

It seems that the only time I have an extra few minutes to snap photos is before work, just because I'm super organized like that.
Anyway, the only exception to the all-black uniform is when you wear Malia Mills designs. This is hilarious because literally everything that Malia designs is also black. Or grey if we're getting real crazy. Such as this dress which I fell in love with when I was interning with her is the Mui Nei dress. It's a very light black stripe on white, and they have it in stores in black also which I might have to pick up.
Also I'm wearing my new double finger ring! You can't really see it, but I thought I would just celebrate that :P
And the sandals? Yeah, this is their fourth year being a standby for me. I've brought them in to be fixed so many times my cobbler is starting to make fun of me.

(uhh.... sort of an attempt at showing my new ring.) 


Gap Design Editions

Such a perfect pair of spring shoes.... I'm off to see if they're in stores and check the quality (it is Gap after all). Gap, you better not mess this up for me...


Shoes That Are So Bad, They're Good

I understand that there are some parts of fashion that are just simply not flattering, but that we (or perhaps just I) wear because they're fun and I enjoy just looking at them. Flatforms would be a perfect example of this. I understand that they do nothing for the figure, but I enjoy the way they look regardless of how they look on me.

That got me thinking, and I realized there's a few other shoe styles that I love regardless, or perhaps because, of their fugliness.

Cut-out wedges....

Split toe shoes...

I feel a shoe binge coming up in my near future....


Visualize the Wishlist

I'm a very picky shopper. If I had enough of a budget to shop retail and money was no object, I'd be AN INCREDIBLY PICKY SHOPPER.
As it is, I tend to visualize exactly what I want in an item and I just have to wait until it trots on by.
Pour example,  I'm on the hunt for a pair of red pumps, 3.5 - 4.5 inch heel, patent leather, stiletto heel, almond toe, .5-1 inch platform. I'm looking for a black work blazer, slim cut, falling around hip length, no padding in the shoulders, two buttons, no pockets or extra buttons, notch lapels, tropical wool or thick cotton, long sleeves that are actually the correct length (good luck on that one).

Anyway, it's easy enough for me to find these items on say, Net-a-porter, but I've been waiting a year and change for these items to stumble into my life at a price I can also afford.

So my question is, am I just a little bit of a perfectionist or a crazy shopper? Or will you guys also wait over a year and make do until you find the perfect item?