Visualize the Wishlist

I'm a very picky shopper. If I had enough of a budget to shop retail and money was no object, I'd be AN INCREDIBLY PICKY SHOPPER.
As it is, I tend to visualize exactly what I want in an item and I just have to wait until it trots on by.
Pour example,  I'm on the hunt for a pair of red pumps, 3.5 - 4.5 inch heel, patent leather, stiletto heel, almond toe, .5-1 inch platform. I'm looking for a black work blazer, slim cut, falling around hip length, no padding in the shoulders, two buttons, no pockets or extra buttons, notch lapels, tropical wool or thick cotton, long sleeves that are actually the correct length (good luck on that one).

Anyway, it's easy enough for me to find these items on say, Net-a-porter, but I've been waiting a year and change for these items to stumble into my life at a price I can also afford.

So my question is, am I just a little bit of a perfectionist or a crazy shopper? Or will you guys also wait over a year and make do until you find the perfect item?

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