More Work Outfits

It seems that the only time I have an extra few minutes to snap photos is before work, just because I'm super organized like that.
Anyway, the only exception to the all-black uniform is when you wear Malia Mills designs. This is hilarious because literally everything that Malia designs is also black. Or grey if we're getting real crazy. Such as this dress which I fell in love with when I was interning with her is the Mui Nei dress. It's a very light black stripe on white, and they have it in stores in black also which I might have to pick up.
Also I'm wearing my new double finger ring! You can't really see it, but I thought I would just celebrate that :P
And the sandals? Yeah, this is their fourth year being a standby for me. I've brought them in to be fixed so many times my cobbler is starting to make fun of me.

(uhh.... sort of an attempt at showing my new ring.) 

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