It's moving day here, so I have all of my stuff packed up and ready to go. I'm just crossing my fingers that all of it will fit in the back of a truck, as I refuse to deal with a moving van.
It's such a strange feeling seeing everything you own in one neat little pile. I still feel like I have too much, but c'est la vie.

I feel really nervous and my stomach is tight. Probably because this will be the first time that I'm not living with some sort of parent figure around to be a safety net if shit hits the fan. Now that I'm moving off University property, this is my first "real" apartment. I'm scared, nervous and very excited. 
Of course, Residential Life left me with one more kick in the ass to make sure that I'm more "good riddance" and excited than scared. Apparently I have to leave on the 19th, no exceptions, even though I explained that I can't move into my apartment until June 1st. Can't we work something out? 
Of course not, because that's the way things work and if we started making exceptions the world would fall apart. 
Ah... bureaucracy. How I despise thee. 
So I'm camping out on my girl friend's couch for the next 12 days. But I'm so excited to have a little place of my own to decorate. 

I took a quick snapshot of my bedroom after we signed the lease, and the rest of the apartment is gorgeous and so much space! My bedroom is on the long and narrow side, so behind me is more space and a walk in closet. Also outside that window is the fire escape which leads directly to the rooftop. Sweet. 
I'm already thinking of what I want to do to it, after I clean up the shit that the previous tenant left. I already know I want to keep those gorgeous 20th century hardwood floors. They just need a good polish. We're ripping down those horrendous floral curtains and putting up something lighter, and the whole place needs a good coat of white paint. As for the rest... I need to wait and gather some inspiration. I've never dealt with interior design on a shoestring budget, but it can't be that much different than fashion! 

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