One More Damn Thing...

Seems I hit the perfect storm this week. In the past three days the lawyer broke up with me*, the Dean let me know there's a possibility I won't be graduating on time, I got blocked out of the one class that could help me graduate on time, lost my wallet in a cab with all the important necessaries, and I'm attending a funeral. Things are pretty awesome around here right now.

Can't you just feel the sarcasm?

Not to mention I need to find a paying job for these bills, housing for the summer, try to pass these classes and if the printers in the art department would just stop breaking down on me I might be able to actually finish my final project on time, along with this, that and the other thing.

As my German friend Helen says, "Shoulders back, boobs out, lipstick on... BRING IT BITCH!"

I will be back to blogging as soon as I bitch-slap my life back to normal.

*I'm assuming, since I haven't heard from him in a week. So unless he got eaten by wolverines or kidnapped to Russia, he's just too chicken to break up with me face to face. Fun. Don't you love it when guys do that?


Polka Dot Paradise

If you saw the Topshop runway, you know that polka dots are in for this season.

I love these little guys, they're just so bubbly and girly and feel very fresh for spring. I'm on the hunt for the perfect polka dot dress (and shoes, of course : ) ) but here's a few of my favorite picks: 


Break You Hard

Another song from one of my favorite British pop stars, Natalia Kills, to kick off your weekend.

Break You Hard by Natalia Kills


Help Japan

I've been eyeing this line for a while. What can I say? I have it in my head that I want a tiny, dainty little pendant around my neck. Something that is delicate and pretty, but with a twist or an intelligent side glance.

These little guys would do the trick.

B-side Rights necklaces are imprinted with historically significant laws, such as:

517 U.S. 620 1996 – Romer v. Evans – protects against discrimination by sexual orientation.

258 U.S. 130 1922 – Leser v. Garnett – upholds 19th amendment – Women’s right to vote.
347 U.S. 483 1954 – Brown v. Board of Education – desegregates schools.
388 U.S. 1     1967 – Loving v. Virgina – legalizes interracial marriage.

I would love to have the women's right to vote or perhaps the protection against discrimination by sexual orientation.

But this one has the Immigration and and Nationality Act of 1965, and half of the price goes towards relief efforts in Japan. Perhaps the perfect opportunity to splurge?


Warning ladies, we're about to get really intimate over here.
Most women remove hair in one way or another, shaving, nair, waxing.... and it's not new. Egyptians used a lime mixture as a sort of nair back in the B.C. and the Romans used to shave their entire bodies after attending the baths.

So I had gotten sick of shaving. Too much effort (I'm a lazy ass, I know) and waxing seemed to look pretty awesome. What? I only have to go in once every six weeks and I'm mainly hairless for the rest of the month?
Sign me up.

And being me, I went to my first waxing session before my cruise, and I figured I'd just dive right in with a brazilian. Go big or go home, am I right?
I found it to be relatively painless, considering your ripping out large swaths of pubic hair. The only thing that cracked me up was that I have become more intimate with the esthetician Marie at AR salon than any man in my life. Ever.
While I was laying there, as a distraction, I wound up asking her for advice for future waxing sessions. She was a delightful lady, and because I love you guys so much I'll share:

The hair has to be at least 1/4" to be able to be waxed, so if you're thinking about switching to waxing, winter is really the best time to start.
Schedule your waxing session in the afternoon, around 3-5pm, as your pain tolerance is highest during the late afternoon.
Avoid the week before your period, during your period (duh) and for a few days after. Again, you're sensitive and things get messy.
Pop a few ibuprofen a couple hours before your appointment and avoid nicotine, caffeine and stress.
Make sure to take a shower before a brazilian because things are about to become very intimate.

During your wax, remember to breathe. Don't hold your breath when they pull the wax strip off, it just means they have to do it again.
Talk or bring an ipod to distract yourself. The more relaxed you are the easier the process and less painful it will be.
And remember, the first one is the most painful. Afterwards the hair grows in fine and weak, so it's easier to pull out.
If the pain becomes too much, just ask for a break. Though I tend to be the kind of person who says "let's get it over with. GO FASTER!" :)

Afterwards, avoid hot showers, sex (duh), exercise, exfoliation and tight clothing for a day or so. You want the skin to breathe and give your pores a chance to close up without becoming infected.
Regularly exfoliate (2-3 times a week) afterwards to prevent ingrowns.
DO NOT SHAVE. Marie pretty much beat this into me. The hair becomes weaker and finer with each progressive wax, and you can go more time between appointments and it is less painful. However, as soon as you shave you are back to square one.

Anyway, after all of that I think I might have this become a regular habit. It's still pretty chilly here in NY so I'm thinking about waxing my legs and pits next time with my brazilian, as it's been a few weeks and no sign of regrowth. I haven't been this smooth or clean since I was ten (hehehe sorry for the awful mental image guys).
I really do think that the five minutes or so of discomfort is worth saving all that time for the next six weeks. Personally.

If anyone is interested I went to AR salon, which is having a $17 deal on brazilians via lifebooker.

Photo courtesy of Mistee Montanye


Vacation Photos

Because you know you want to live vicariously through me on my trip to Bermuda, the Bahamas and Florida... jk, but I figured I'd share some of the photos. Obvs the first is me and the second cutie is my hetero-life mate Anne.

Snakeskin is the New Leopard

That's my trend prediction for Spring/Summer 2011 right there.

I love leopard with all of my heart, but I think I could be tempted to show a little love for our reptilian friends out there as well.*

*What kind of nonsense am I talking here? You've seen my shoe collection, half of them are snakeskin. New rule: leopard on top, snakeskin on bottom.

Photos Chloe F/W 2011 Courtesy of Style.com


Shopping for Dresses

Since at ELLEgirl we're in full prom mode I've been looking at many, many dresses. Possibly too many.
While my own prom was a while ago, every once in a while I'll find a more casual outlier that I would like to throw into my cart.
Also, am I the only girl who was sort of meh about prom? Actually, I have a story to tell about prom, but first to the shopping:

Ain't this dress just a dead-ringer for that Michael Kors one I was drooling over before? 

Anyway, so my prom story. 
I wasn't exactly thrilled about prom, but what I was thrilled about was dress shopping (hard to believe right?) but I hated all of the dresses at the mall. Too shiny, too sequiny, too fluffy, too trashy.... 

Then I was thrift shopping one day with mom at the local consignment store, and the owner pulled out this couture dress that had been sitting in the back of a society lady's closet, tags still on, that she had bought in Paris a few years ago. I had even less boobs then than I do now, so it was a perfect fit. A bit of haggling and I walked away with a beautiful black bustier silk dress, with a big swishy skirt that was long in the back, mini in the front (basically, my love) for $150. 

Best part is that I still am able to wear it to any functions where my red dress won't do. Unfortunately, those pesky boobs have grown in recently so the zipper has broken from the stress. Right now it's in the pile to be taken to the tailors, but hopefully it will be back in rotation soon! 


Hermes Fall 2011


I'm afraid that I'm becoming one of those girls that are loyal brand devotees (oh l'horreur), but for the past couple seasons I just have fallen in love with the Hermes collections, and the fall 2011 collection is no exception. 
So easy and simple and yet another reason for a purchase of leather pants :). This would make a great "I need to be polished and put-together but can barely manage to find a pair of clean socks or my mind this morning" outfit.

So here's my look on the cheap, and as always, everything is under $100. 


Photo Courtesy of Style.com



I'm afraid that thanks to my dad I have a taste for country music (bear with me people). So here's what I'm listening to at the moment.
Although, I would like to point out that country musicians are some of the highest grossing in the music industry. So apparently someone else out there likes country too : )

Guilty by Jessie James


Words of Wisdom

With the professors I have this year, I should just start making this a regular feature.
These words of wisdom are courtesy of my astrophysics professor while discussing the urban legend that there's a nuclear reactor in the basement of Columbia:

"Unfortunately, now there's something called the Department of Health and Safety, and when they show up some place, things get a lot less fun."


Favorite Fall 2011 Trends

I know, I know, we're just trying to get through until spring right now. But it's still freezing, so I need a little excitement to get me through winter's last death march until spring.
Plus, it never hurts to plan for next season when the sale merch is still out on the rack, am I right?

So here's what I'm super excited for in fall 2011:

Ponchos and Capes
Because I love my modcloth cape with a passion. I seem to just have a love affair with voluminously fugly things : )

Thigh High Slits
Because I got legs, and legs love thigh slits. Enough said.

I have a small love affair with masculine tailoring, and tuxedos are no exception. Perhaps I'll find the perfect razor cut black tuxedo jacket next season.

This might actually give me some real curves and hips, not to mention balance out my shoulders. Here's to trends that give figure-flattering options.

Fur and Shearling
Loved it this season, and I'm still excited to see it going strong for next season. I'm on the look out for the perfect shearling coat.


How to Wear a Crop Top

One of the big trends this season  year has been the crop top, and looking at the runways for spring it looks like the trend is not letting up any time soon.
Yet, many women are shy of this trend (for the obvious reasons). But thankfully I think I've found a  few ways to wear this trend without looking like a Britney flash back.

Go High-waisted
It's really a blessing that these two trends have occured at the same time, because they are perfect companions for one another. A crop top shows off a pair of high waisted trousers or a skirt perfectly, and the higher waist gives some modesty to a crop top.
So pair a loose crop top with a high waist, so instead of showing off your entire belly it's just an inch or less of rib cage. Cute.


Layer It 
The other obvious option is to layer a slim tank top underneath a crop top or bra top. You still have the look and proportions of a crop top, but with more coverage.


On the other hand, you can also layer over it as well, which is another preferred option of mine. A boyfriend cardigan or blazer keeps it classy, so that you are only showing off a little sliver of belly in the front.



Let's Get Political

I figure this is my blog, I can post about things I like and things I find important. One issue that's near and dear to my heart is planned parenthood and sex education for various reasons.

I really truly believe that a lot of heart-ache could have been avoided for me and for those close to me if only we had had more information, but unfortunately the government isn't too thrilled about the idea that Americans have sex.
Yes we do.

And I'm very upset by the thought that they are trying to cut funding for planned parenthood entirely, when it's such a little thing and can make such a big change in so many people's lives. We should be providing more funding, not less.

So take a moment, check out this political promo video, and repost it somewhere else if you feel as strongly as I do about this issue.

Sentimental Attachment

I had an unfortunate incident last weekend where I lost a shoe. I was up at my friend's house in Boston, and when I got home I realized I had one shoe, but not the other.

Look how lonely she is... : (

As soon as I realized this, of course I called her (and hopefully she'll find it), but I also felt a little sick.
How wrong is that? Feeling that upset over a piece of clothing?
Of course I realize it's ridiculous, but I felt the same way when I spilled soy sauce down the front of my white shirt. That one was a gonner too.

I'm still trying hard to be a minimalist, and learn to detach myself from clothing and remind myself that it's just a garment. It has no real value except what you paid for it.
Yet.... it still sucks to lose a favorite pair of shoes, and being a minimalist, they're ALL my favorite shoes.

What do you guys think? Do you ever get emotionally attached to clothing?


Shoe Slut

Because shoes are awesome and all of these are under $100.
You're welcome.


Coming Clean

 Don't get me wrong, my apartment is spotless (no thanks to my roommates : p) and damn it if I'll let a cockroach anywhere near the premises, but when it comes to my own cleanliness I've gotten a little looser.

I wash my hair maybe three times a week. Clothes like jackets, skirts, jeans get cleaned maybe once every six months. Unless I've been sweating I tend not to use soap in the shower every single day.
Now if that's gross, I'm sorry, but I've found that it works well for me. It means my hair and skin are less dry (less money spent on conditioners and body lotion) and as for my clothes, less money spent on dry cleaning and a spray of febreze or a few days in the freezer seem to work just fine.*

Best part is, apparently I'm not alone when it comes to my hair and at least Levi Strauss's executive agrees with me on the jeans.

Now I'm curious, how clean are you guys?

*Obvs if they're stained or dirty I wash them sooner, and same goes for my hair or body if I start to smell or look greasy. But, I figure if it doesn't look dirty, why wash it?


A Case for Red

Everyone knows how much of a neutral girl that I've become, and hey, I'm comfortable with it.
It simplifies things. I roll out of bed and grab enough clothing to cover my body, and it all matches. It also lets me experiment more with silhouette, length, material, and cut than I would be able to with color.

However, I will make an exception for red.
I only own one red piece, a great little cocktail dress, but I love it so.  So I feel like it might be time to add a few more red pieces to my wardrobe, I'm thinking a kick ass pair of stilettos and a little red dress for the day... what do you think?

The case for red really is that it is a serious attention grabber, since whenever we go out to a fancy occasion everyone says they just look for me in my red dress in a sea of lbds. It gives the appearance that you are a confident fiery personality (in this case, I'd say it's a fair assessment :) ). Also men are turned on by red. Weird, but scientifically true, according to this article.

Well, those reasons are good enough for me.


Leather Pants

After seeing The Divinitus pulling off leather pants again, and again, and again to perfection I think I need a pair myself.
btw, she's the perfect example of a minimalist closet. Always sleek, always chic, definitely check her out.

Of course, she didn't help matters by encouraging me too as well. You are a grade A enabler, Ms. Divinitus.

So I've been perusing, since leather and fur seem to be going no where for next fall.

If we're going retail, here's my top pick. Vegan and under $100? Sweet.

But once again, we realize that second-hand trumps retail (or at least I think it does)

Originally $280
$36, 11 hours to go 

Originally $300
$19.99 and 2 days, 10 hours to go