Leather Pants

After seeing The Divinitus pulling off leather pants again, and again, and again to perfection I think I need a pair myself.
btw, she's the perfect example of a minimalist closet. Always sleek, always chic, definitely check her out.

Of course, she didn't help matters by encouraging me too as well. You are a grade A enabler, Ms. Divinitus.

So I've been perusing, since leather and fur seem to be going no where for next fall.

If we're going retail, here's my top pick. Vegan and under $100? Sweet.

But once again, we realize that second-hand trumps retail (or at least I think it does)

Originally $280
$36, 11 hours to go 

Originally $300
$19.99 and 2 days, 10 hours to go 

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Damsels said...

those guess ones that are second hand would be my pick! they look pretty hot . thoughi m not big on leather pants for my own wardrobe. i wuddnt turn them down if someone gave them to me though