Sentimental Attachment

I had an unfortunate incident last weekend where I lost a shoe. I was up at my friend's house in Boston, and when I got home I realized I had one shoe, but not the other.

Look how lonely she is... : (

As soon as I realized this, of course I called her (and hopefully she'll find it), but I also felt a little sick.
How wrong is that? Feeling that upset over a piece of clothing?
Of course I realize it's ridiculous, but I felt the same way when I spilled soy sauce down the front of my white shirt. That one was a gonner too.

I'm still trying hard to be a minimalist, and learn to detach myself from clothing and remind myself that it's just a garment. It has no real value except what you paid for it.
Yet.... it still sucks to lose a favorite pair of shoes, and being a minimalist, they're ALL my favorite shoes.

What do you guys think? Do you ever get emotionally attached to clothing?

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