How to Wear a Crop Top

One of the big trends this season  year has been the crop top, and looking at the runways for spring it looks like the trend is not letting up any time soon.
Yet, many women are shy of this trend (for the obvious reasons). But thankfully I think I've found a  few ways to wear this trend without looking like a Britney flash back.

Go High-waisted
It's really a blessing that these two trends have occured at the same time, because they are perfect companions for one another. A crop top shows off a pair of high waisted trousers or a skirt perfectly, and the higher waist gives some modesty to a crop top.
So pair a loose crop top with a high waist, so instead of showing off your entire belly it's just an inch or less of rib cage. Cute.


Layer It 
The other obvious option is to layer a slim tank top underneath a crop top or bra top. You still have the look and proportions of a crop top, but with more coverage.


On the other hand, you can also layer over it as well, which is another preferred option of mine. A boyfriend cardigan or blazer keeps it classy, so that you are only showing off a little sliver of belly in the front.



Kimberlee said...

Great post! I'm so afraid of this trend but I think I might try it with the high waisted pants :)

Cat said...

Genius...I agree with Kimberlee, I am all for trying this look with high-waisted pants but a crop top by it's lonesome...epps, I would just feel too exposed :) Those pink sparkly flats are ADORABLE!!!!

Cafe Fashionista said...

Love it with high-waisted pants. I think I have a love/hate relationship with crop tops. To a certain extent, I love them; but on the other hand they make me think of 1999 when EVERYONE was wearing them. :P

Anonymous said...

will i look slutty if i wear a crop top with a hipster shorts?(i have a rather flat stomach)so im afraid i would be called a slut if i wear it like that.

Erin said...

Let's leave the term slutty at the door shall we? As for the question of whether you can pull of hipster shorts with a crop top with style, that's an excellent question.
I'd cautiously say yes... stay tuned, I'll write a post about it with a few outfit ideas just for you lovely.