Coming Clean

 Don't get me wrong, my apartment is spotless (no thanks to my roommates : p) and damn it if I'll let a cockroach anywhere near the premises, but when it comes to my own cleanliness I've gotten a little looser.

I wash my hair maybe three times a week. Clothes like jackets, skirts, jeans get cleaned maybe once every six months. Unless I've been sweating I tend not to use soap in the shower every single day.
Now if that's gross, I'm sorry, but I've found that it works well for me. It means my hair and skin are less dry (less money spent on conditioners and body lotion) and as for my clothes, less money spent on dry cleaning and a spray of febreze or a few days in the freezer seem to work just fine.*

Best part is, apparently I'm not alone when it comes to my hair and at least Levi Strauss's executive agrees with me on the jeans.

Now I'm curious, how clean are you guys?

*Obvs if they're stained or dirty I wash them sooner, and same goes for my hair or body if I start to smell or look greasy. But, I figure if it doesn't look dirty, why wash it?

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