Most Wanted

I still absolutely adore this editorial with Anna Selezneva and Wes Bentley for Harper's Bazaar March 2010. While it's certainly not the most avant-garde editorial, these are the kinds of clothes I could (and do) live in.

Looks like I'll be needing to add these to my closet (please ignore the fact that I already own half of them) :


I think I'm in love.


Art and Porn

I'm working on my final project for my art class, it's a self-portrait (What a surprise. Why can't art teachers be more creative?)
Anyway, I'm pretty excited. I've got my sharpies, got my ink and brushes, got my hugenormous paper. We're ready to go.

I'm stealing some inspiration from one of my favorite comics (graphically) Sin City

and from the artist Zak Smith (also known as porn star Zak Sabbath)

and now that I have my new super camera I'll be able to show you the finished product. Woohoo!


New Shoes

So what did I do this weekend?
Worked. Ate. Slept.
Got a new camera (finally!).
And picked up these cuties at work. We've been having some major sales, and I may or may not have been hiding these in the back of the stock room, deciding whether I wanted to buy them or not.

I'm so glad I did. I'm just imagining them with lots of neutrals, white, and navy.
Little capris, denim shorts and floaty summer dresses.
*Sigh* I can't wait for summer. 



Guys, this is really, really important. So listen up.
Apparently, boobs cause earthquakes.

"Many women who do not dress modestly ... lead young men astray, corrupt their chastity and spread adultery in society, which (consequently) increases earthquakes," Hojatoleslam Kazem Sedighi was quoted as saying by Iranian media. Sedighi is Tehran's acting Friday prayer leader.

Who knew?  So we're about to test this hypothesis using the good old scientific method.
On Monday, April 26th wear your most revealing, (or in my case) shortest clothing. You know, that emergency-Saturday-night-outfit in the back of your closet.
In theory, with all the women in America being immodest together tomorrow, we will cause an incredible planet wide quake to occur.
And if it doesn't... well, Sedighi better come up with a good explanation.

If you'd like to join me in an incredibly immodest Monday, join the Facebook group here.



I can sometimes be a little weird.

My friends complain that when it comes to fashion, I can be a bit creepy with my encyclopedia-like knowledge.
Guys often mistake me for a lesbian because I check out girls so often (I'm looking at their shoes! I swear!)
And sometimes I do go up to random people and demand where they get their clothes, probably freaking them out a little.

Which is exactly what happened yesterday at work, when this unbearably chic girl came in carrying this bag in the sunniest shade of robin's egg blue.
The patent leather, the pretty color, the short handles and cross body strap, the hardware, all those pockets.
So of course I had to be like "Uh, I know I'm supposed to be selling you stuff.... But WHERE DID YOU GET THAT BAG?!"
Except, you know, hopefully less socially awkward than it sounded in my head.
Thankfully, she was really sweet. 
 "It's the Audrey satchel by London Fog, it comes in a like a bajillion different colors". 

Which I'm sure was true when she bought it a few months ago, but now it's all sold out. EVERYWHERE.
Just my luck.
We're heading to Ebay ladies.

Shout Out

Big thanks to reader Annie who gave me a heads up about the Butter by Nadia sample sales.
If you love her jersey as much as I do, head over to Butter by Nadia and sign up for sample sale alerts in the upper right corner.
Or, you could just watch this space and trust me, as soon as I get my email alert and my hands on her signature jersey I will be shouting about it here.



While I am dying to own one of Butter by Nadia's convertible dresses (better known as "the revenge dress" or "the miracle dress". Yes, it is apparently that awesome).
My bank account says that it would rather I didn't spend $246 on a dress. Even if it is really like eight dresses in one, making it really only $30 a dress.

However, this convertible jersey dress by Victoria's Secret looks eerily similar, although they're back ordered on the purple color. Which of course was the one I wanted :(
But for $49 I feel that this would be a fair substitute (warning, their sizes run a little big. So when in doubt, size down).


I Must Be Fine Because My Heart is Still Beating

Good news

I'm going to see Cobra Starship and 30H!3 in concert on May 12th! I just picked up the ticket here.

Bad news

I look and feel like this:

So I'm off for some time at the gym and some serious TLC. I'll be back when I feel human again.


Personalize This

You know what drives me absolutely up the wall?
I have a mental list of what I would like in my closet. Of course, these things don't exist yet, but mentally I know what I would like to own down to the tiniest details.
Of course, no one makes anything like it.
So I wait and I wait, for something to come along that's in my price point and at least fulfills most of what I was looking for, but in my mind it's usually not exactly what I wanted.

So basically I'm doing the same thing right now with two particular items.

A pair of brown sandals because mine bit the dust last year.
Something flat, with only two straps at the most. I don't really do gladiator sandals, and I DEFINITELY do not do havianas flip flops.
So if I could get these without the skull detail that would be awesome, thanks.
 Giuseppe Zanotti Skull Embellished Flat Sandals
A wrap sweater/sweater coat/belted sweater (god knows what these things are actually called).
I want it to be big and chunky knit, in a grey or black colored cashmere or wool, with a belt and a shawl collar and long sleeves and pockets. Something sort of like this. Except you know, exactly how I just described above.
Coming Soon Sweater Coat

Sometimes I wish that I could just draw something up and have it made for me.  How awesome would that be?
Images thanks to Net-a-Porter.com and Revolve Clothing


Don't Stay

Don't Stay by Laura Izibor

One of my new favorite artists. Have a great weekend loves.


So today was the day from hell.
Scratch that. This week was the week from hell.
We've been a little short staffed at work, so that's been crazy (35 hour work weeks anyone? On top of school? Yeah, I'm not a fan either)
School has been off the wall with preparation for finals (AHHHHHHHHHH)
And to cap it off today I was behind the register for 7 1/2 hours when some lady had the nerve to argue about a 50 cent luxury tax on a bill that totaled $532. Apparently they don't have luxury tax in Jersey.
Also apparently the come on, you really want to start this? So, bring-it look that I gave her was enough to have her start complaining about my "heinous attitude"
But it's all better now.
Why? Because I have a belly full of Dominoes pizza, and I just won two pairs of Joe's jeans on ebay.

One medium blue wash and the other black to add to the rotation. I think the blue pair might be boot cut, but it's fine because Mustafa can just tailor it straight for about $8.
So two brand-new pairs of my favorite, booty-enhancing, soft-as-butter, make-me-so-happy-I-dance jeans for a grand total of $50?
I say that makes it a pretty good week. 



I'm really loving maxi dresses this summer, like I do every summer. I just feel really regal in them, like a wicked tall column of awesomeness.
Also they're super comfortable and easy
(which is why I like dresses, jumpsuits, and rompers anyway. Throw one on and you're done. Shoes and underwear optional on Monday mornings ; ) )
So here's a few dresses that I've been looking at.

How pretty is this blue color? It also comes in black and grey, but since it's on sale it's selling out fast.

This one's all business in front....

Party in the back. Wah-cha.

Oh ASOS, how I love you. This is simply perfection. I just wish they has a store in the U.S.

As always, theses are all under $100. I want something simple and un-patterned because I already have a white patterned one from Generra (YAY Marshalls).

I don't wear it nearly as much as I'd like to, because I'm terrified of pitting (aka, getting yellow sweat stains on it since it's white) like I do with all my white shirts, blouses, and dresses.

On that wicked TMI note, does anyone know how to stop that from happening? I just got a brand-new white button down because the last one, you guessed it, got pitted.
I'd like to hold onto this one for longer than a month or two and actually be able to wear it along with a few other white blouses I own, so any remedies or tips would be appreciated.


Retro Prom

I've been loving all of the prom stories floating around on my favorite bloggers this week. I feel like it always makes people a little nostalgic.
Is it wrong that my favorite part of the night was getting dressed up? And the dancing. I loooovvveee dancing.

But I figured I'd share in the nostalgia and bring out my prom picture. Ignore the fact that I look kind of sulky, this is the only picture that I could find that
a) had most of my friends together
b) everyone looks pretty good and
c) had Blondie smiling. He's usually such a grumpy bear

Anyway, obvs that's me in the yellow. I practice what I preach guys. Evening wear should ALWAYS be a color so you stand out in a sea of black. I couldn't find anything I liked in the stores, so I wound up sewing my own prom dress. I'm still super proud of how it turned out.
Also love the growing out hair look I'm rocking. I had decided to shave my head a year before that and I was still awkwardly growing it out. It's now been almost four years and I still shudder a little at that year of my life*.
*hair wise anyway, everything else was pretty chill :)


Okay, so who else hates buying gifts for guys? Besides the obvious cologne/underwear/movie situation, there's really not much to get them.
Because do they really need another copy of Band of Brothers ?
However, I think I've found the perfect birthday gift for Blondie. It's a gadget so he'll be stoked about that (the guy who likes to sit in the garage and play with machine things? Yeah, that's Blondie) and it's a little fashion oriented to maybe it will convince him to ditch the high school hoodies and t-shirt with the slogans and beer ads.
I suppose it won't do much for those jeans with the hole in the back though.

To get your own Titan Collar Stays check it out here.



Monday I always need a little music to get started in the morning.

What I'm listening to:

I Fu**ing Bleed Purple and Gold by Super Mash Bros



Check out my latest post for College Fashion, on four styles that I deem as "classic" (in my ever expert opinion of course)

Four Timeless Styles That Never Go Out of Fashion



My little sis is going to prom this year. Unfortunately she doesn't have a boy-accessory (Poo poo on them I say! Some of these boys wouldn't know a good thing if it hit them in the face) and instead is going with a group of her girlfriends.

So anyway she's been stressing, so she called up moi. I'd like to say it's because of my superb social skills and skillfully weaving my way through stressful social situations, but that would be a lie. My weaving skills are on par with a steam roller going through a wheat field. But hey, I think I make a pretty awesome first impression (har, har). 

My suggestion was just to look extra fabulous. So in case any of you have a prom coming up, and are a little cute blonde hour-glass like my little sis, here were my picks:

Maggy London Keyhole Chiffon Dress

and I'm imagining most of these with a strappy pair of nude or blush toned pumps. (Okay, so maybe I picked these just because I want a pair. They look like princess shoes!)

and don't forget your most important accessory of all: SMILE. It's a PARTY.
Have a good time and don't freak out too much, prom is not going to be the greatest night of your life (and if it is, honey, we have other things to worry about), but it can certainly be a great party.


Cat Lady

I already explained that I have a problem with animal accessories. I love them. For some reason it makes it that more necessary that I own something if it's cute and fuzzy ( or just generally is animal shaped) than if it was just an abstract pattern.

So basically I really want this silk scarf to add to my collection:

Problem is, Blondie already calls me the Cat Lady (I have two fat cats who won't come near anybody but me : ) and with me they pretty much act like dogs).
I think that if I owned this scarf it might just push it over the edge.
But if you'd like it, check it out here.

Brief Interruption

So one of my girlfriends is trying out a few dating sites, and this is one of the lovely messages that she got.
I felt I was obligated to pass it along because everyone could use a good laugh:

For starters let me tell you what i'm not good at:

2.Being on-time
3.Remembering your name, birthday or any important event in any relationship
4.managing money
9.Hugging(I wasn't hugged as a child)
10.defeating ninjas in battle

Now the things i'm good at:

3.Mortal Kombat
4.Wheely's on my bike
5.Doing karate in my garage
6.Watching cartoons
7.peeing in the shower
8.Blowing bubbles in my chocolate milk
9.Making children cry
10.My bones are made of adamantium(just like wolverine)

Sounds like a keeper eh?
Now back to our regularly scheduled programming.

Twist and Shout

Checking out Need Supply's new inventory, I wasn't particularly impressed with anything.
A lot of it looked like something I could pick up at Urban Outfitters (nothing against all the hipsters that crawl through that place). Straw fedoras, ditzy florals, short shorts, fabric necklaces, lots of denim.... you get the idea.

However, this jumped out at me:

and this is why I love Need Supply.
It looks uber comfy, it's got an interesting twist in design, yet it's still simple.
Plus, I'm a sucker for good draping and/or tailoring.

So shout out to the buyers of Need Supply, stock more things like this (and more Jeffrey Campbell).
If you become another Urban Outfitters, I will be very upset.
That's all.



Jut wanted to share these photos by Patrizi di Renzo. I think they're simply stunning, especially the first and second ones.
Has anyone seen him shoot any other fashion spreads? I must find them!

Photos thanks to Trend Hunter



So my hair grows kind of freakishly fast. You know how I got my ten minute hair cut back in October? That was barely as long as my chin? It's been six months and it's now almost past my shoulders.
Not only am I beast for only cutting my hair twice a year (I know, all you beauty people are gasping in horror. sorry.) but apparently I have some wicked crazy genetics, since last time I checked hair is only supposed to grow 1/2 inch a month. Go figure.
So it's time for my spring shearing. What I really want is to let my hair go wild and have it look like this:

Can we mention that I've talked about Ms. Bardot like twice in the past week? I'm just so in love with the way she looks, this look to me = eternal sexiness. Maybe toned down a little, but still, eternal sexiness. 

Fact of the matter is that, with my super fine hair, if I let it grow that long I wind up looking more swamp thing than sex kitten.

So the reality is I'm looking more at something like this:

Maybe a few shades darker, but I'm really liking the look of super blond hair for the summer.
Or we could play my fun game where I go to a hairdresser, close my eyes, and say "DO SOMETHING WITH IT!"
*shrug* I'm just saying, it's an option.


New Shoes and Old Habits

Just wanted to share my latest purchase, tapping back into my town's preppy roots:

Etienne Aigner Loafers (ebay)
And check out the weave detail on the toe-box. Love.
Like I've said, I love the preppy look, but you know, my way. :)

And I headed over to check out the 80's purple warehouse sale, and OF COURSE, I wound up buying something that wasn't on sale (c'est la vie).

But how perfect is this hat going to be for fall?
I was keeping an eye out for a hat like this all winter (there was a short dalliance with a cloche hat from Arden B., but it sold out too fast. Twice.)
So even though it's the wrong season I snapped this cutie up before it could disappear again.


Foks in a Box

It's Thursday, technically Friday at 12:52 in the morning because my sleeping schedule is whack right now, so I think it's time for some whimsy.
What do I want right now? Beyond a foot rub and some pad thai from the restaurant down the street (yeah, I'm that lazy that I don't want to walk out of my apartment building for food right now), I really, really, REALLY irrationally want one of these scarves right now.

How cute are they?

I can't quite stomach the fur trend, or the idea of slinging dead animals around my neck, but I love the old Hollywood look of both. I think these might be a reasonable, 21st century, young adult solution, no?
I'd get a vanilla one and name it Frederick. 
So if you want one as irrationally as I do, they come in ginger, crocus, vanilla (pictured) and camo, and you can pick them up at Celapiu, surrealistic accessories and bags.