So today was the day from hell.
Scratch that. This week was the week from hell.
We've been a little short staffed at work, so that's been crazy (35 hour work weeks anyone? On top of school? Yeah, I'm not a fan either)
School has been off the wall with preparation for finals (AHHHHHHHHHH)
And to cap it off today I was behind the register for 7 1/2 hours when some lady had the nerve to argue about a 50 cent luxury tax on a bill that totaled $532. Apparently they don't have luxury tax in Jersey.
Also apparently the come on, you really want to start this? So, bring-it look that I gave her was enough to have her start complaining about my "heinous attitude"
But it's all better now.
Why? Because I have a belly full of Dominoes pizza, and I just won two pairs of Joe's jeans on ebay.

One medium blue wash and the other black to add to the rotation. I think the blue pair might be boot cut, but it's fine because Mustafa can just tailor it straight for about $8.
So two brand-new pairs of my favorite, booty-enhancing, soft-as-butter, make-me-so-happy-I-dance jeans for a grand total of $50?
I say that makes it a pretty good week. 

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