Foks in a Box

It's Thursday, technically Friday at 12:52 in the morning because my sleeping schedule is whack right now, so I think it's time for some whimsy.
What do I want right now? Beyond a foot rub and some pad thai from the restaurant down the street (yeah, I'm that lazy that I don't want to walk out of my apartment building for food right now), I really, really, REALLY irrationally want one of these scarves right now.

How cute are they?

I can't quite stomach the fur trend, or the idea of slinging dead animals around my neck, but I love the old Hollywood look of both. I think these might be a reasonable, 21st century, young adult solution, no?
I'd get a vanilla one and name it Frederick. 
So if you want one as irrationally as I do, they come in ginger, crocus, vanilla (pictured) and camo, and you can pick them up at Celapiu, surrealistic accessories and bags. 

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