I can sometimes be a little weird.

My friends complain that when it comes to fashion, I can be a bit creepy with my encyclopedia-like knowledge.
Guys often mistake me for a lesbian because I check out girls so often (I'm looking at their shoes! I swear!)
And sometimes I do go up to random people and demand where they get their clothes, probably freaking them out a little.

Which is exactly what happened yesterday at work, when this unbearably chic girl came in carrying this bag in the sunniest shade of robin's egg blue.
The patent leather, the pretty color, the short handles and cross body strap, the hardware, all those pockets.
So of course I had to be like "Uh, I know I'm supposed to be selling you stuff.... But WHERE DID YOU GET THAT BAG?!"
Except, you know, hopefully less socially awkward than it sounded in my head.
Thankfully, she was really sweet. 
 "It's the Audrey satchel by London Fog, it comes in a like a bajillion different colors". 

Which I'm sure was true when she bought it a few months ago, but now it's all sold out. EVERYWHERE.
Just my luck.
We're heading to Ebay ladies.

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