New Shoes and Old Habits

Just wanted to share my latest purchase, tapping back into my town's preppy roots:

Etienne Aigner Loafers (ebay)
And check out the weave detail on the toe-box. Love.
Like I've said, I love the preppy look, but you know, my way. :)

And I headed over to check out the 80's purple warehouse sale, and OF COURSE, I wound up buying something that wasn't on sale (c'est la vie).

But how perfect is this hat going to be for fall?
I was keeping an eye out for a hat like this all winter (there was a short dalliance with a cloche hat from Arden B., but it sold out too fast. Twice.)
So even though it's the wrong season I snapped this cutie up before it could disappear again.


Lisa Lisa Lisa said...

Those shoes are perfect!!! I love them, great find! I love that company too. Usually their shoes are really ugly, but the ones that are not are FANTASTIC. And comfortable.

Erin said...

haha, I absolutely agree. I trolled through about 450 bajillion fugly Aigner loafers before I found this pair.
I kinda like the hunt though ;)