Retro Prom

I've been loving all of the prom stories floating around on my favorite bloggers this week. I feel like it always makes people a little nostalgic.
Is it wrong that my favorite part of the night was getting dressed up? And the dancing. I loooovvveee dancing.

But I figured I'd share in the nostalgia and bring out my prom picture. Ignore the fact that I look kind of sulky, this is the only picture that I could find that
a) had most of my friends together
b) everyone looks pretty good and
c) had Blondie smiling. He's usually such a grumpy bear

Anyway, obvs that's me in the yellow. I practice what I preach guys. Evening wear should ALWAYS be a color so you stand out in a sea of black. I couldn't find anything I liked in the stores, so I wound up sewing my own prom dress. I'm still super proud of how it turned out.
Also love the growing out hair look I'm rocking. I had decided to shave my head a year before that and I was still awkwardly growing it out. It's now been almost four years and I still shudder a little at that year of my life*.
*hair wise anyway, everything else was pretty chill :)

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Iva said...

AWW!!! such a fun picture!!! :) its always nice to look back at pictures and remember great times! Happy Friday! Have a great weekend!