So my hair grows kind of freakishly fast. You know how I got my ten minute hair cut back in October? That was barely as long as my chin? It's been six months and it's now almost past my shoulders.
Not only am I beast for only cutting my hair twice a year (I know, all you beauty people are gasping in horror. sorry.) but apparently I have some wicked crazy genetics, since last time I checked hair is only supposed to grow 1/2 inch a month. Go figure.
So it's time for my spring shearing. What I really want is to let my hair go wild and have it look like this:

Can we mention that I've talked about Ms. Bardot like twice in the past week? I'm just so in love with the way she looks, this look to me = eternal sexiness. Maybe toned down a little, but still, eternal sexiness. 

Fact of the matter is that, with my super fine hair, if I let it grow that long I wind up looking more swamp thing than sex kitten.

So the reality is I'm looking more at something like this:

Maybe a few shades darker, but I'm really liking the look of super blond hair for the summer.
Or we could play my fun game where I go to a hairdresser, close my eyes, and say "DO SOMETHING WITH IT!"
*shrug* I'm just saying, it's an option.

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Cafe Fashionista said...

Okay, so I love you for mentioning Brigitte Bardot. Honestly, I envy her hair - it is the epitome of sassy bedhead! But...you are so going to rock the shorter 'do - I love how sophisticated it is!! :)