My little sis is going to prom this year. Unfortunately she doesn't have a boy-accessory (Poo poo on them I say! Some of these boys wouldn't know a good thing if it hit them in the face) and instead is going with a group of her girlfriends.

So anyway she's been stressing, so she called up moi. I'd like to say it's because of my superb social skills and skillfully weaving my way through stressful social situations, but that would be a lie. My weaving skills are on par with a steam roller going through a wheat field. But hey, I think I make a pretty awesome first impression (har, har). 

My suggestion was just to look extra fabulous. So in case any of you have a prom coming up, and are a little cute blonde hour-glass like my little sis, here were my picks:

Maggy London Keyhole Chiffon Dress

and I'm imagining most of these with a strappy pair of nude or blush toned pumps. (Okay, so maybe I picked these just because I want a pair. They look like princess shoes!)

and don't forget your most important accessory of all: SMILE. It's a PARTY.
Have a good time and don't freak out too much, prom is not going to be the greatest night of your life (and if it is, honey, we have other things to worry about), but it can certainly be a great party.

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