Personalize This

You know what drives me absolutely up the wall?
I have a mental list of what I would like in my closet. Of course, these things don't exist yet, but mentally I know what I would like to own down to the tiniest details.
Of course, no one makes anything like it.
So I wait and I wait, for something to come along that's in my price point and at least fulfills most of what I was looking for, but in my mind it's usually not exactly what I wanted.

So basically I'm doing the same thing right now with two particular items.

A pair of brown sandals because mine bit the dust last year.
Something flat, with only two straps at the most. I don't really do gladiator sandals, and I DEFINITELY do not do havianas flip flops.
So if I could get these without the skull detail that would be awesome, thanks.
 Giuseppe Zanotti Skull Embellished Flat Sandals
A wrap sweater/sweater coat/belted sweater (god knows what these things are actually called).
I want it to be big and chunky knit, in a grey or black colored cashmere or wool, with a belt and a shawl collar and long sleeves and pockets. Something sort of like this. Except you know, exactly how I just described above.
Coming Soon Sweater Coat

Sometimes I wish that I could just draw something up and have it made for me.  How awesome would that be?
Images thanks to Net-a-Porter.com and Revolve Clothing

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