Lick Me Lashes

I have pretty normal lashes, my only issue is that I abuse them with tons of mascara every morning since I'm a blondie and like the look of thick lashes.
So I have the issue of them falling out a lot, which is great for making wishes, not so great for getting lush, "lick me lashes" (as my friend calls them) like Bridget Bardot.

While L'oreal's Lash Boosting Serum isn't going to magically transform me into Bridget Bardot (but how awesome would that be?) it did make my lashes healthier, stronger, and I think longer. If not longer at least more lush.
Basically the same results you'd get if you hadn't conditioned your hair for the past twenty years and then started using a super-conditioning hair mask.

You can pick it up at your local drugstore, it's about $15 in NYC, but it was only $11 in my hometown CVS, either way it was a little expensive for a drugstore product (yes, I bitched. I'll admit it) but I'd heard such good reviews from my friends and Makeup Alley that I decided to try it out anyway.

The application is pretty easy, just swipe it on your lashes and line your eyes every morning and night. After about a week my eyes stopped itching, and I noticed that I had more eyelashes and that they were longer after about a month.

PLEASE NOTE: this is not Latisse. It is an eyelash conditioner. If you're just looking for a little help, not miracles, this is your product.

Anyway, with that little note out of the way, I'd definitely recommend this product if you have issues with your eyelashes falling out or being spindly, or if you are just a major supporter of prevention instead of putting makeup over the issue.
I can tell you this right now, I've definitely been using less mascara to get the results I want, and if I can put any less makeup goop on my face I am a very happy girl.

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