Last Dance

I had my Comp Sci midterm today, and I think it went pretty well. WOOO!!
Also I've got the worst case of wanderlust again. I've been spending the past week just staring out windows and wishing to just go. away. somewhere.
I think it might be time for a change of scenery again. I tend to have to move every year or so or I start getting antsy (I'm blaming my dad for this one. His side of the family can't ever live in one place for more than two years, I think it's just in my blood).
Anyway, I think it's that time again. Maybe I'll head down to Brooklyn.  Or perhaps just a quick trip somewhere will solve it. I'm thinking Bermuda would be nice : )

I've been listening to Mary Jane's Last Dance by Tom Petty on repeat for some reason.

I wish I was wearing this today.

And I got all of my stuff in the mail today, thankfully it was all undamaged and fit perfectly, except for my leather jacket :(
I've tried about five different brands of leather jackets so far, and they all fit perfectly on the upper body, and then decide to bell out on the bottom so I look preggers. SO ANNOYING.
I've finally had it and I called up Mustafa (my tailor. I will marry this man) and he said that he'd be able to take it in. Thank god.

Anyway, back to studying french. Wish me luck.

Photo thanks to Hand it Over (I think)


TheVixenette said...

Check out DSW if you have one nearby. I spotted similar shoes to those Geox loafers you posted at a *serious* discount!

Erin said...

Will do! Thanks for the tip!