Do the Gender Bender

Recently I've been admiring the androgynous movement that's been going on.

The androgyny really hit me over the side of the head when I was looking at the photo above. I personally was admiring it because I thought it was a) a great photo and b) a cute guy
My roomie looked over my shoulder and said "Wow, I love her hair cut. I wish I could pull that off"
"I think it's a dude."
"Are you sure?"
"It has no boobs."
"You don't either."
Touche roomie, touche. My point being I'm starting to feel like my generation's ideal of beauty and what is "feminine" and what is "masculine" is becoming increasingly blurry.

The fact that I'm mooning over a girl/boy and that I STILL cannot tell what gender my boss is (it's really a hilarious story. Remind me to tell you about it sometime) are only minor side-effects.

Also I've been noticing a lot of girls wearing boys clothes (all those clothes that are called boy-friend blankety blanks for example in stores)
and a lot of boys wearing makeup, jewelery (shout out to the man I met in the elevator this morning. It's JEWELERY. NOT BLING. Are you 50 cent? Didn't think so white boy) and tighter clothes than usual.

Anyway, this isn't anything new, check out these striking ladies who have been doing the gender bender way before the millenials (and oh yeah, I slipped in Adam there to represent the men.):
Patti Smith
Probably my favorite. How sexy is this picture?
Amelia Earhart
Annie Hall
Adam Lambert
My other favorite man in my life, my tailor, has been laughing because I've been bringing him in guy's clothes to nip and tuck slightly. He's always saying "But you realize these are men's clothes. Does your boyfriend know you are stealing his shirts?"
"Mustafa, don't worry about it. Can you just take it in at the waist slightly?"
and he just laughs, "Shop in your own section next time girly!"

Either way I've been really loving the look of a few menswear pieces (sometimes literally, sometimes not) mixed in with something uber-girly and light.

Here are a few photos from my inspiration folder, courtesy of Lookbook: 

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Marta from With Love... said...

I adore men's inspired looks especially when paired with something a little feminine.