Finders Keepers

So I've been browsing lately (that's what happens when you're procrastinating on term papers). and I found some things that I think are just adorable

However, a lot of the time I come across something that makes me absolutely squee with joy, and then realize that it's
a)too big/small
b) completely unnecessary in my life

So I thought I'd start a new little feature where I share some of these goodies, so that if they can't come live in my closet, at least they've found a good home. 

First up, how adorable is this Aileen sweater?? It's a petite xsmall (um... not quite. But I thought about it really, really hard. The cropped top look is in right? RIGHT?)

2 days left, $0.99 

Gorgeous Lilly Pulitzer sundress. Remember my white dress hunt? This would be about it. Unfortunately I have to choose between rock climbing this weekend or shopping.... so darling, perhaps we'll meet again. 
Less than a day left, $20.50

It says that the brand is New Identity (yeah, I've never heard of them either). However, I just think this is one wicked awesome Aztec print jacket. Not quite my style, but I know some girls who would look great in this.
Less than a day left, $19.99

Yves St. Laurent cream high waisted trousers. It doesn't get anymore classic or luxe. Love, love, LOVE. Need a longer inseam that 32.5 though.
Can you please add 3 inches onto that? You could just take it off the waist. 'kay, thanks.
4 days left, $18.99

Goodluck darlings! Hope you found something you like.

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