Do the Gender Bender II

So you want to join in on the fun too you say? Great, come join the party.
Well, here's what you're going to need, and don't worry if you want to invest in something, since the mens-wear inspired look comes back year after year.

And btw, can we give a standing round of applause to J.Jill? I try and keep things under $100 for you guys (and myself) and they seemed to just have exactly what I was looking for at a price point I could stomach for this post. Last time I checked they were great quality also. Does anyone know if they're doing a revamp or something?

So anyway, these are some great pieces to add a little "borrowed-from-the-boys" flavor to your wardrobe. Please note though that while they are all a little oversized, perhaps a little boxy, they are still flattering.
That means they should skim your body, the shoulder seams should be on your actual shoulder, the pants should fit you at the waist and bum, ect.
 Okay, with that warning out of the way, how do you wear these perfect boyfriend pieces now that you've found them?
I'd say as a general rule of thumb, one man piece at a time, grounded with either clean lines or something sweet. I'll have an outfit post coming up tomorrow to give you guys a jump start.

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