Confession time: I've been wearing my new joe's jeans for almost a week straight. I'm going to have to peel them off my body some time soon to wash them, and I will be very upset.
I've always bought my jeans from American Eagle at about $50 a pop, and I figured they were good jeans. I knew designer denim was supposed to be better, but I figured it couldn't be that much of a difference.

Boy, was I wrong. My joe's jeans are so comfy, make my ass look fantastic, are molded to my body and are basically made of unicorn hair and fairy dust dreams.

I just can't go back to $50 jeans, I'm sorry American Eagle.
I'm a designer denim addict now (blame my champagne tastes) and I need another pair, but I can't blow my bank account on them. I'm just praying Ebay will come through again.

In other, less depressing news, I have my latest article for College Fashion up about one of my favorite eco-friendly basics brands: Alternative Apparel. Check it out here.

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