Love in My Inbox

I subscribe to the Zoe Report (yeah, and I'm proud of it!) and while usually I think that the things that she picks are a tad.... extreme, perhaps, this morning I found a real treat in my mail box.

True, these were in the "Parallel Universe" section of her Report where she lists a more affordable version of some crazy designer goody, but actually I like these better than the designer's.
Wanna know why?

Great. Take a seat for a long rambling story because it's almost midnight and I just had two midterms and 9 hours of work, and I have a cup of tea and a grilled cheese sandwich on my desk which means I'm in the mood to talk.

So back in my little hometown high-school all the girls had a uniform. In case you were wondering it looked like this:

Unfortunately, while I did try to get the uniform right it never quite got there. Apparently granny boots don't count as uggs, a crocodile bag is not a Vera Bradley, and a fur coat (while as fuzzy as fleece) doesn't quite count as North Face material.

So I had some fun, the other girls had a few laughs, and everyone agreed that while I tried I was always just a little "off".
That brings me to why I love this little handcuff bracelet.

Because the pride and joy of many girls were their Tiffany heart charm bracelets and I feel that this handcuff one is a perfect retort from me to all of those Tiffany bracelets.

It has the shape, the class, the cache, but (as it always seems to be with me) the handcuff closure makes it just a little off.
and you know what? I like it better that way. : )

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