Shopping for Dresses

Since at ELLEgirl we're in full prom mode I've been looking at many, many dresses. Possibly too many.
While my own prom was a while ago, every once in a while I'll find a more casual outlier that I would like to throw into my cart.
Also, am I the only girl who was sort of meh about prom? Actually, I have a story to tell about prom, but first to the shopping:

Ain't this dress just a dead-ringer for that Michael Kors one I was drooling over before? 

Anyway, so my prom story. 
I wasn't exactly thrilled about prom, but what I was thrilled about was dress shopping (hard to believe right?) but I hated all of the dresses at the mall. Too shiny, too sequiny, too fluffy, too trashy.... 

Then I was thrift shopping one day with mom at the local consignment store, and the owner pulled out this couture dress that had been sitting in the back of a society lady's closet, tags still on, that she had bought in Paris a few years ago. I had even less boobs then than I do now, so it was a perfect fit. A bit of haggling and I walked away with a beautiful black bustier silk dress, with a big swishy skirt that was long in the back, mini in the front (basically, my love) for $150. 

Best part is that I still am able to wear it to any functions where my red dress won't do. Unfortunately, those pesky boobs have grown in recently so the zipper has broken from the stress. Right now it's in the pile to be taken to the tailors, but hopefully it will be back in rotation soon! 

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Cafe Fashionista said...

Ooh, I love the first dress! I always opt for short, flirty frocks for special occasions!

Your prom story sounds fantastic! I didn't go to prom, so I never had to buy a dress. :/