Warning ladies, we're about to get really intimate over here.
Most women remove hair in one way or another, shaving, nair, waxing.... and it's not new. Egyptians used a lime mixture as a sort of nair back in the B.C. and the Romans used to shave their entire bodies after attending the baths.

So I had gotten sick of shaving. Too much effort (I'm a lazy ass, I know) and waxing seemed to look pretty awesome. What? I only have to go in once every six weeks and I'm mainly hairless for the rest of the month?
Sign me up.

And being me, I went to my first waxing session before my cruise, and I figured I'd just dive right in with a brazilian. Go big or go home, am I right?
I found it to be relatively painless, considering your ripping out large swaths of pubic hair. The only thing that cracked me up was that I have become more intimate with the esthetician Marie at AR salon than any man in my life. Ever.
While I was laying there, as a distraction, I wound up asking her for advice for future waxing sessions. She was a delightful lady, and because I love you guys so much I'll share:

The hair has to be at least 1/4" to be able to be waxed, so if you're thinking about switching to waxing, winter is really the best time to start.
Schedule your waxing session in the afternoon, around 3-5pm, as your pain tolerance is highest during the late afternoon.
Avoid the week before your period, during your period (duh) and for a few days after. Again, you're sensitive and things get messy.
Pop a few ibuprofen a couple hours before your appointment and avoid nicotine, caffeine and stress.
Make sure to take a shower before a brazilian because things are about to become very intimate.

During your wax, remember to breathe. Don't hold your breath when they pull the wax strip off, it just means they have to do it again.
Talk or bring an ipod to distract yourself. The more relaxed you are the easier the process and less painful it will be.
And remember, the first one is the most painful. Afterwards the hair grows in fine and weak, so it's easier to pull out.
If the pain becomes too much, just ask for a break. Though I tend to be the kind of person who says "let's get it over with. GO FASTER!" :)

Afterwards, avoid hot showers, sex (duh), exercise, exfoliation and tight clothing for a day or so. You want the skin to breathe and give your pores a chance to close up without becoming infected.
Regularly exfoliate (2-3 times a week) afterwards to prevent ingrowns.
DO NOT SHAVE. Marie pretty much beat this into me. The hair becomes weaker and finer with each progressive wax, and you can go more time between appointments and it is less painful. However, as soon as you shave you are back to square one.

Anyway, after all of that I think I might have this become a regular habit. It's still pretty chilly here in NY so I'm thinking about waxing my legs and pits next time with my brazilian, as it's been a few weeks and no sign of regrowth. I haven't been this smooth or clean since I was ten (hehehe sorry for the awful mental image guys).
I really do think that the five minutes or so of discomfort is worth saving all that time for the next six weeks. Personally.

If anyone is interested I went to AR salon, which is having a $17 deal on brazilians via lifebooker.

Photo courtesy of Mistee Montanye

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