A Case for Red

Everyone knows how much of a neutral girl that I've become, and hey, I'm comfortable with it.
It simplifies things. I roll out of bed and grab enough clothing to cover my body, and it all matches. It also lets me experiment more with silhouette, length, material, and cut than I would be able to with color.

However, I will make an exception for red.
I only own one red piece, a great little cocktail dress, but I love it so.  So I feel like it might be time to add a few more red pieces to my wardrobe, I'm thinking a kick ass pair of stilettos and a little red dress for the day... what do you think?

The case for red really is that it is a serious attention grabber, since whenever we go out to a fancy occasion everyone says they just look for me in my red dress in a sea of lbds. It gives the appearance that you are a confident fiery personality (in this case, I'd say it's a fair assessment :) ). Also men are turned on by red. Weird, but scientifically true, according to this article.

Well, those reasons are good enough for me.


Damsels said...

i used to be a red girl . and with my hair and complexion the signs all point to YES. but i'm scared to wear it again .. i'll have to find a perfect red dress though for me to say yess. something really sexy. and i agree on the what you say about neutrals .

Erin said...

I know, you would look great in red. Like a modern day Snow White :)