Thanksgiving: The Feast

I don't know about you guys but I always need to lie down after a Thanksgiving dinner. Perhaps it might have to do with eating the entire pecan pie by myself?
Don't be ridiculous. It couldn't be.
So I need an outfit that I can eat, socialize, nap and possibly dance in (you never know. it happens). Also it needs to be fun, festive, cold weather and parent appropriate.

- Leggings. I love leggings, they're pretty much my go to item. Can you tell?

- Black a-line skirt and black long sleeve shirt. While I could have easily worn a dress, this solves my dilemma for the other two days of my vacation. Break it apart and I have the shirt for one day and the skirt for the next.

- Black pumps. They're really my only heels of reasonable height, as some of the people I have Thanksgiving with are slightly on the conservative side.

- Gold necklace. For some festive bling!

- Boyfriend blazer. A little trendier and dressier than a cardigan, but still good for the cold weather.

- Red clutch, red lipstick. Add a shot of color for a little fun.

And there you have it, my most important parts of the weekend all wardrobized.

The best part? Just add in jeans, a t-shirt and some flats, mix and match a bit, and I have the rest of my wardrobe for the weekend! And while I haven't checked yet, I can almost guarantee all of that will fit into my rather large back pack, or at least a small duffel.

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