First off, I know I haven't posted in a bit and I just like these editorials from Numero Tokyo shot by Sebastian Kim. I was going to just have one but I couldn't pick which one I liked the most.

Next I've found it interesting as I write for my school's paper, when I talk about trends my editor usually replies "um.... you realize that for something to be a trend someone other than you has to like it or know it exists."

And then I reply, "what are you talking about? EVERYONE is all over this trend."

And then I realize that when I'm referring to everyone, I'm referring to all of you guys. Sometimes I wind up writing off a trend because it's "too popular" and I'm worried that it will become dated too quickly if I buy into it.
Then I realize that if I pull my head out of the bubble that the fashion/blog world is, that no, most people are not wearing knee high boots, or body chains, or harem pants, and I've met more than one person who still asks "Alexander Wang? Isn't he like Vera Wang's brother or something?"
And then (I'm still deciding if this is a good or bad thing) I feel a little relieved. Because as much as I tout the good physiological and psychological effects fashion has, and how a little research never hurt anybody, sometimes its nice to have a little variety and realize that some people just couldn't care less.
It also reminds me that sometimes I need to stop analyzing all of this. I'm a grade A researcher and analyzer and if I want to become good at something I will scientifically study it to death in a very painfully meticulous process. (In the past however I've found that this M.O. doesn't work for some things. Like P.E. dodgeball.)
The fact that some people don't care about the trends, about classics, about cut and form and color and shape have started to make me realize that fashion is supposed to just be fun. That it's not all about building the perfect capsule wardrobe and having those "Ten Essential Pieces" but sometimes its about just buying that absolutely ridiculous over the top piece for no particular reason at all, and be damned if it's in or it's out because you love it and that's that.

photos thanks to fashion gone rogue

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