Weathering the Storm

Its been pretty unfortunate for the past couple of weeks, because it just will not stop raining here in New York. Even worse, I own nothing that even resembles rain gear.

Wait, I have an umbrella.

That's my rain gear, and I only bought the umbrella because it was polka dotted and at Target.

Rain gear and snow gear are just two of those things that I despise and hate shopping for. Unfortunately whether I like them or not, here in New England/tri-state area mother nature has made it pretty much mandatory that you own both.

My logic is, why am I buying something that is always kind of ugly when I could be using that money to buy a cute dress?

But after getting soaked to the gills for the umpteenth time, I'm ready to change my ways.

First up I need rain boots. I've ruined too many darling shoes by running through puddles.

My dream boots would be the ever classic black Hunter boots, but $140 I feel is a little much to be paying for rain boots:

These Tretorn ones from Need Supply Co. I think are absolutely adorable, and with a shearling lining they could even double as snow boots.
These are a passable imitation of Hunter boots by Cougar.

I do own a trench coat, but (of course) it was one picked for style and not for any practical weather related reason. I don't want to ruin it in the rain anymore, cotton was not meant for the typhoons we've been getting.

This Burberry trench coat is my dream rain coat. *sigh*, but it was not meant to be.

I like this one I found on ebay from Michael Kors, I feel like the yellow would brighten up those rainy days, and the belt would make it reasonably flattering. (oh, and btw, the same Taxi trench coat is going for $100 on Bluefly, and this one is $50 on ebay. Have I mentioned how much I love ebay?)

This Croft and Barrow coat is nice and simple, and has a hood which could definitely be useful. It might keep my hair more dry than my silk scarves have been.

Maybe I'll get rain gear with my next paycheck (because I already spent my budget on those Jeffrey Campbell oxfords I've been obsessing about. oops :) ), although the situation is becoming rather dire. If we have one more rain storm in the next week, I'm going to be very miffed, because I'm tired of wet feet.

and better yet, when that rain starts turning into snow I'm going to have to figure out the serious winter jacket/boot situation (wool coats just cannot stand up to our winter storms).

I've had enough of this crazy weather, I'm moving to the Caribbean!

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Cafe Fashionista said...

I'm thinking of buying a pair of black Hunter Rain Boots myself. The thing that's so special about them is that you can wear them as a fashion boot even when it's not raining! :)