Need Supply

One of my favorite stores in Need Supply Co. They always have a range of designers with quality clothes that aren't too pricey (especially since I always stalk their sale section). Also the service and shipping time is phenomenal. These are some of my favorite things in their store at the moment.

I'm not sure about the elastic band on this dress, but isn't the animal motif on the shoulder adorable? Need Supply Co., please just take all these dresses and chop off the bottom. I will gladly just wear it as a top.

This is a shirt that's on sale at the moment and I've been stalking it all summer. The slouchiness, the color, the delicate flower pattern.... everything I want in a graphic t-shirt.

I love the coziness of flannel, hate the whole "I'm off to guzzle maple syrup and chop down trees" connotation. This I feel is a more delicate, feminine take on the style without getting too frou-frou.

Another graphic shirt that I love ( can you tell that I just got a giant chocolate stain on my favorite shirt? Eating nutella out of the jar gets me every time.) Love it for the same reasons as the dandelion one, except this is definitely a bit edgier. I think I need both to fit all my moods.

It's got ruffles, bows, and is delicately sheer, what's not to love? This I'll be passing on since I can't be trusted within fifty feet of something white. I'd probably get food on it.

If you'd like to pick up any of these darlings for yourself, check them out at http://www.needsupply.com.


Cafe Fashionista said...

I adore the first look. I actually think that the band around the waist of the dress can work. It makes it appear as if it's simply a cute top tucked into a bandage skirt - it adds a bit of dimension. Love it! :)

Erin said...

I think I just don't like clothes that are attached to each other, I like being able to mix and match around.
If it was just a top though I would totally wear it with a bandage skirt just like that.