I've always wanted to be one of those girls with a signature scent. For some reason I always get romantic images of boys reminiscing about me when they smell my perfume, or leaving a signature in the air as I go by, or perhaps spritzing my love notes with my perfume for my amours. Except its kind of hard to smell an e-mail.
Also I'm slightly picky about what I like. I like a woody, earthy scent with amber and sandalwood, but I still want it to smell feminine, but not too girly.

And I have to like it enough not to get bored of it.

And of course, it has to smell good on me, not just in the bottle.

Finally I think I've found my match.

Yves Saint Laurent has a new perfume called Parisienne and it is simply divine.

With notes of blackberry, damask rose, and sandalwood it fits me perfectly. I think this might be heading to the top of my shopping list.

And by the way, fun things I learned about perfume while at the perfume counter today:

Perfume consists of three notes: the top note which is the fragrance you smell first and is usually a floral scent.

The heart note which is the scent that lasts slightly longer and has more depth

and the base note which is the smell that is left after a couple hours, and is usually a musky or woody scent.

You should always buy the smallest amount of perfume you can because perfume tends to become stale or go sour after the bottle is half empty, no matter the size of the bottle. Therefore, if you buy 1 oz you're only throwing out .5 0z. If you buy 3 oz you're throwing out 1.5 oz and so on.

Perfume should always be kept out of heat and sunlight, so don't keep it in the bathroom or on top of your dresser, your closet or underwear drawer is a better place for it.

The best places to apply perfume are where your veins are closest to the surface, i.e. pulse points. That's because when your body temperature goes up, those places are the hottest and help the perfume evaporate. So you're sure to smell really good during that nerve wrecking job interview or, you know, when that butterfly-inducing cute boy finally says hi.

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