My Day Off

Okay, that's a lie. Basically since midterms are over it was my day to catch up on those things that I've been putting off during the studying mania.
First up was to get a haircut (what? it's only been 6 months... that's how long normal people wait right?)
So my hair went from this crazy mess of a mane:
to this. So much easier for my "wash and go" morning routine.

I went to Cabellos because I got one of those gift packages that everyone and their brother has been getting.

Honestly, it was probably the fastest hair cut I've ever gotten, and they are a little pushy about their products/services, which I understand (they've got to make a living right?) but telling me I look like I have roots and that I look ashy is not going to make me want to get your highlights, especially when you've just given me a literal ten minute haircut. (not joking. I timed it. the usual $55+ haircut took 11 minutes. Thank god I only paid $15.)
However, since I'm used to usually getting my hair done at the ever-glamorous super-cuts, or just hacking at it myself, it wasn't bad. I thought my hair looks nice and the lady knew exactly what I was talking about/wanted so I'd give this place a 6/10. Just don't except it to be some chi-chi spa experience.

I will be going back just because I have some more services to try out with my package, but if I didn't have the coupon I would definitely rather go to my trusty supercuts and korean nail salon down the street.

Also since I was down by 34th street I dropped by Daffy's and picked up a Betsey Johnson clutch and a pair of Etienne Aigner gloves (leather and cashmere for $20? Yes please!)

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