I know everyone can pretty much rattle off the basics with their eyes closed and one hand tied behind their back by now. LBD, trousers, white dress shirt, cardigan, pumps, yada yada yada...

confession time: I still don't own a pair of work pants. Or a black turtleneck. Or a little black dress... to be honest it's because I'm sort of a type A personality and I know exactly what I want for these but no one is making them in a price range I can afford. But I'm working on it guys!
But anyway, now that I'm starting to build my own wardrobe I'm starting to have to figure out what MY basics are, which I've fondly nicknamed my super-basics. It's those things that are your version of what is on those "Top Ten" lists. Those clothing pieces that you would grab from a burn building, because 300 days out of the year that's what you are wearing. A uniform if you will.

This helps me because since I know I live in skirts and dress, I'm not going to splurge on a pair of jeans. I wear my flats into the ground, so I'm not going to run out and buy five pairs of heels. It helps keep me focused on what I should be shopping for, not what I want to be shopping for. which can sometimes be too completely different things.(mmmmmm.... heels.... ).

My list so far of can't-live-without-them pieces?

full, a-line skirts (they make me look curvy, and they're fun to swish)
ballet flats (I'm a college kid. In New York. 15 blocks a day is the norm)pashmina scarves (I'm branching out into vintage silk though!)

my lucite bead necklaces (I feel I'm too young for pearls, and lucite's just kind of tacky fabulous)

wrap cardigans (they're cozy and fabulous. what more do you want?)

These are unfortunately not on my basics list. (Every time I walk into a store I need to remind myself that)

I'm kind of curious, am I the only one that has this idea of a uniform of personal basics? Do any of you have things that might not be considered "basic" but you wear 90% of the time anyway?

all of these can be found at bloomingdales, except the lucite necklace, which is just a google image

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