I'm Back!

Hey everybody, the weekend with Blondie was lovely, we ate at Whym, walked through central park to Belvedere castle, visited the Met, and spent a lazy Sunday watching The Office and eating mac and cheese (Blondie is an expert mac and cheese cook).
Unfortunately now it's time to get back to reality.

I took a study break today and wandered down to Ann Taylor (another mom store that got recently re-invented by Ralph Lauren's designer) and I was pleasantly surprised by about half of the merchandise.
I'm not sure if my store was a fluke but a lot of the silk tops had raw edges, as did a lot of the sweaters and dresses. These were not tastefully distressed edges, these were just "I kind of forgot to hem this one" edges.
Thankfully they were all on the sale rack.
The other half were very good quality basics/work wear with a feminine flair, which are always nice. These two pieces definitely stood out though.

This isn't labeled as a boyfriend jacket but it fits like one, except not like an ugly boxy one, like a perfect jacket-from-your-European-boyfriend one. It has a very slim cut fit in a light wool, with snug sleeves and slightly padded shoulders so you don't look like you're drowning in it (always a frightening possibility for me). Basically I wasn't so sure about that boyfriend jacket trend until I met this beautiful one, and I want it.

This reminds me of an updated Chanel jacket, and it's absolutely gorgeous. The ruffles, the (intentional) slight distressing, the quirky huge rose on the breast, it even has some chiffon ruffles on the inside of the bottom hem that peek out a little in person. I love it.

If I wasn't still waiting on a paycheck (and not wanting to drop almost $500 on two jackets right now) I would've snagged these two.

Also my store was having a huge 50% off sale on almost everything on the store, so if you're interested I would go check it out. Unfortunately these two were pretty much the only things NOT on sale... that's just my taste isn't it?

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