The Difference

Yes I'm glad designers are catering to larger women, and realizing not all girls are toothpick models.

Yes I'm glad that the group that is normally shut out of the fashion crowd is finally having a fashionable moment with curvy lines, plus sized lines, and what not.

However... apparently they forgot that us 5' 10" size 2 ladies are still here.

I know everyone is going to comment telling me to shut up but hear me out. I appreciate my body, in fact I love my body, but sometimes it's a pain to dress it. I'm tired of anything cheap I pick up being too short, too wide, and having fabric for curves I don't have. Designer clothing is a different story ( the perks of having a prepubescent boy body eh?) although that can get expensive. Point being, I want designers to make clothing that fits EVERYBODY.
In the meantime, I'm okay with tailoring clothes, at least that way I know I have the perfect fit. BUT WHAT DO YOU TO BOOTS??? You can't exactly take in leather, or at least every cobbler I've gone to has laughed in my face when I explain what I want.

I love riding boots. I have two pairs, and they are in the slimmest size I can find (I don't do stretchy. I want real leather ) and they still look like my legs are a mop in a mop bucket. What's a girl with skinny legs to do? I understand the idea behind it, if it's bigger than both big girls and little girls can fit them. But they sure as hell don't look GOOD on us little girls.

Sorry for the rant guys, but I'm finally letting all that frustration out because I found the solution! http://www.duoboots.com/

It's a British based company that lets you pick your foot size, foot width, color, style AND more importantly, your calf circumference for the perfect fit. For boots they are pretty reasonable, certainly not high street at about $250-$500 with the conversion, but they are made in local factories and look to be of excellent quality with real leather, so I feel its worth the price.

Honestly, boots are an investment and if an extra $100 is what it takes for them to be perfect, I say fine with it. Of course if anyone knows a cheaper option, please give a shout out. But in the meantime, I think I might just sell my boots and go pick up a pair that actually fit...

picture of Rochelle fitted calf boot from duo boots

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