The Good Fight

I tried darlings, I tried so hard, but the enemy not only got away from me, but managed to pop up in my own family. We have a code red, there's a double agent in our midst!

It started out harmlessly, my sister is definitely more focused on sports than on her appearance (which is fine and understandable, we need a little variety around here), however she usually only wears sweatpants and sweatshirts (again, fine. It's personal taste. I'd prefer she wore at least just jeans, but we're not going to start a sibling fight here) BUT THEN when I called home I found out she's wearing pajama pants and...


These are the enemy people, do not succumb to the pillowy softness!!! Of course, if you do, these should not leave the house. These are HOUSE SLIPPERS people (or after-surfing slippers if you're in the other hemisphere).

I told her that those uggs are a gateway drug, and soon she's going to be wearing uggs, a Juicy Couture velour tracksuit or north face, heavy black eyeliner, with a Vera Bradley or long champ bag, a silver Tiffany chain bracelet with the heart, and shoulder length straight hair. Just like every other girl in my high school. It was basically a uniform.

Problem is that every once in a while, I still see those girls here at college. What is so hard about this concept people? Pajamas and house slippers are for bed or the house. You have to wear something else (ANYTHING else) when you go outside.

"But they're so comfortable!" my sister protests. True, that's what everyone else says. But you know what else is comfortable?

comfy 1
comfy 1 by erind90 featuring Halston

This is comfortable. Leggings, a dolman sleeve sweater and flats. I can't think of anything that's constricting or confining in this entire outfit, and how easy is this? You could even sleep in the leggings if time is really that much of an issue for you.

comfy 2
comfy 2 by erind90 featuring Converse shoes

Or what if you're like my sister and more of a tomboy? What about jeans (I'll even take jeggings if you're like my sister and say that jeans are "too uncomfortable") a plaid flannel shirt (plaid is comfy!) and converse. Again, not more than three pieces to deal with in the morning, it takes the same amount of effort to pull on sweatpants and a sweatshirt as it does to put on a shirt and jeans, and this looks pretty comfortable to me.

comfy 3
comfy 3 by erind90 featuring Christian Louboutin shoes

And if you just can't give up your track pants try some harem pants. Same material, almost the same shape, but with some flats and a v-neck tee (again, COMFORTABLE) its infinitely chicer. In fact, I give props to anyone who can rock a pair of harem pants.

comfy 4
comfy 4 by erind90 featuring Givenchy shoes

Or if you just don't care for any of the options that I've shown, and still love your sweatshirt, jeans/leggings and uggs combo, what about this version? Look, we'll go through it together.

We have a grey sweatshirt material top, the only thing that's changed is the shape. See? Not too scary.

Then we have jeans, or jeggings, or even leggings. Same as what you always wear.

And last, we have some fur boots. Okay, these are kind of crazy Mongolian fur boots, but they're still like uggs. Fuzzy and ridiculous looking, but these my friends are much more fab.

Okay, not going to lie I kind of want the last outfit. Maybe I'll make that my winter uniform and see if I can get a few ugg converts :)

Anyway, I know I'm probably preaching to the choir here, but if you know anybody like my sister, if you know my sister, if your sister knows someone like my sister I would like to propose we stage an intervention because the comfort-epidemic is getting ridiculous around here.

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