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I'm a bit late on this (perhaps because I usually delete all those special offer e-mails without opening them. It's my way of dealing with temptation) but from now until November 2nd is Sephora's Friends and Family 20% off sale. So just load up your cart, type in FF2009, and you can have your favorites for 20% off.
As soon as my paycheck comes in I can tell you exactly what I'm getting:
Clinique Blended Face Powder:
I finally figured out that if I want anything to stay on my face for the whole day (and night, at least on weekends) that I'm going to have to set it with something. My mom's been using this since the eighties so I figure it's probably a tried and true powder, and at $19 for the revamped mineral powder its not a bad buy.
YSL Parisienne:
Well, I'm actually debating this one because I also tried out D&G La Lune and I love that one too. La Lune I feel like is a little warmer/androgynous if that makes sense, while Parisienne is fruitier and more synthetic smelling AND it has an awesome commercial (no, of course I'm not swayed by good marketing. What are you talking about? But seriously, check it out). I love them both though... maybe I'll just get both :)

Don't tell me that isn't the hottest commercial you have seen in a while. That, my friends, is awesome advertising.
Hourglass Concealer:
This is my holy grail of concealers. It looks like lipstick, applies like lipstick, and stays like a super crazy opaque matte lipstick. However I also love it because it's all natural without any yuckies that break me out, and its got coconut oil to moisturize my skin (which is really good under my eyes). I figure I'm switching over into my winter coloring, and so need a lighter shade, so this sale came at a perfect time.

Korres Wild Rose Foundation:

I wasn't exactly blown away by my Fresh Umbrian Clay Foundation, and I'd heard good things about Korres (and it's cheaper) so I figured I'd give it a try. It's also an all natural, very clean and light foundation (like Fresh), except this was a little less yellow and seemed to give better coverage. And like I said, I'm going into hibernation so I need a lighter shade anyway.

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Cafe Fashionista said...

You have just given me a reason to bulk up my beauty essentials. Don't you just adore coupon codes? :)