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So I went shopping with my shopaholic friend Erin today, and then we went to see the new movie Paranormal (fabulous, but OH SO SCARY. I'm not going to lie, I'm still freaked out about it.) and then went for dessert at Chocolate by the Bald Man, where I then proceeded to pass out in a chocolate coma over a mini chocolate cake filled with peanut butter and fudge, with vanilla and chocolate sauce and vanilla ice cream with chocolate flakes. YUM!
ANYWAY, so I know that I can never go shopping with Erin with any sort of money in my pocket, but as I was going through Bloomingdale's with her (its about a three hour process when I'm with her) I mentally was making a list of things I like. Like:
Fur (Faux of course):
I'm a very textural person, if I don't like running my hands over it I will not wear it. I'm still that kid that complains "BUT IT"S ITCHY!!!" about wool sweaters. So that's why I love these fur pieces. I just want to constantly run my hands over them and bury my face in them... also they're pretty awesome looking on.

Platform heels:

I'm not sure why I like platforms, it's not like I need the extra height or anything. Maybe it's purely practical, a bit of a platform does make a heel more comfortable. Who am I kidding? I'm the last thing from practical. I like the platform because of the interesting, almost futuristic shape it can make to heel and how it can make a boring office pump into something much more sleek and devilish.

Big rings:

My new found obsession with rings has come attached with the motto: Go big or Go home. I figure if I'm going to break into ring territory I'm going to do it fabulously, none of those insignificant little bands, I want something that you can see from several blocks away as I hail a taxi. Hmm.... maybe if I wear these rings I'll finally get a taxi to stop for me when I'm hailing it.

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Cafe Fashionista said...

Oh. My. Gosh. Thank you for all of those recommendations! You have just made me about a billion times more excited for my trip to New York! :)

And big rings...a) What would a girl do without them? b) You don't even want to see my collection of big rings - I have loads! :)