No Means No

I'm a reasonably open-minded person, you have your style, I have mine, let's just all hug it out.
But there are certain things that just aren't style, such as Uggs, any sweatshirt with a college/team logo, high-waisted narrow-ankle baggy-butt mom jeans, sweaters with pictures of knitting cats on them (or other grandma sweaters), mu-mus, and yes clogs.

Yes Karl, I know it's Chanel. But still, clogs are not in fashion and never will be.

Yes, those are Chanel clogs, but just because it has the logo and because it's been on a catwalk, does not mean it is fashionable.

NO. I don't CARE if they were made with unicorn hair and sewn together by pixies in the land of Chanel. Those are still ugly! My 5th grade camp counselor wore wooden clogs for gods sakes!

Please, someone explain to me the attraction of these things. Maybe I've been scarred from too many black flies and too much bug juice at summer camp, but this is one fashion mini-trend that I just don't get.


Anonymous said...

i agreed...they ain't cute!!!

Cafe Fashionista said...

I feel ashamed to admit this now; but when I was in first grade I was obsessed with clogs and wore them everyday to school. I think as a six-year-old, I felt as if they were my answer to high heels, and I loved the clacking sound they made on the ground when I walked. That was then. Now? I can't stand them. I don't care what designer label is adorning them, I will forever dislike clogs. :)

♥ Marta from With Love... said...

I think that Coco Chanel would be soo ashamed of those clogs. They are just ridiculous!

Rebecca, The Clothes Horse said...

I 75% agree with you...yes, they're ugly but so are Doc Martens and other "in" shoes...I feel my reservations will get broken down if my eyes are flooded with visuals of stylish people wearing them. Runway trends I can dismiss, but executed by a non-celeb on the street in an amazing way and I might be convinced otherwise!

Erin said...

good point. Remember when we all were like "leggings? seriously?" and now they're a common staple.
of course, people still abuse them, but what can you do?
maybe in a year we'll all appreciate the clog. :)

Erin said...

Jesus Rebecca, now you've got me thinking about why I don't like these clogs, or doc martens, or a lot of the clunky shoes out there today.
I think it might be a personal flattery thing, I'm tall, and therefore have very big feet compared to most other girls and any shoes that accentuate that are not my friends.
also I like everything to be very classic and streamlined (excepting a few ruffles of course :) ), so again, something clunky doesn't exactly go with my aesthetic.
I think perhaps my reaction was a more personal style issue than a general one.