Let's talk about pants.

They're good for you, good for society, and generally, people with pants are taken more seriously than those without.

The only reason why I bring up the subject now is because we haven't had to think about pant length for a long time, due to the skinny/straight leg epidemic.

All you needed to know for fit was that they needed to brush the ground when wearing flats (except for a certain generation which insisted on a fingers space) and when wearing heels, well, same thing. There really wasn't an issue with length because they scrunched up on top of your foot whether you were wearing heels or not.
As long as you had a bit of scrunch you were fine.
For more about pants (and other clothing) fit, check out my previous post here.

Now enter the trouser jeans/wide leg/trousers/grown-up pants.

My body tends to do well with extreme styles. Those jeans better be painted on, or high-waisted and wide leg.

Go figure.

So of course I jumped on the super wide leg, high waisted trend.
The only problem is that I like to wear flats, kitten heels, and towering heels, but I don't want to invest in three different pair of jeans (who does??).

So while these look sexy in my platforms, with my usual kitten heels (I'm still not sure about wide legs with flats) they make me sad.
This is not a good look. It's schlumpy and will destroy your hems. BAD.

However, I decided to give this product N*Jeanious a whirl. It's a denim adhesive tape meant for creating a temporary hem.

So you just fold your pant leg inside out.

  Apply the tape.

Peel off the backing.

Give it a firm rub and pat.

And you're good to go.

Check out those sexy hems. Just a hairs-breadth from the floor (again, older generations probably prefer an inch or so, but as for me I like my hems to brush) and when I change my shoes I can just pull off the tape and start again.


*Just a few notes about this tape after I've worn it around for a while.

I had to try a few times to get the length even. I realized after that using a tape measure and measuring the amount you're hemming could have been really useful. Duh.
For a really wide hem (as pictured) you might need to use three instead of just two for each hem. The side started to come down a little bit because it wasn't taped.
Other than that, I've been very pleased.

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Cafe Fashionista said...

I love the fact that you can basically create a DIY project with that tape. Luckily, I live in skinny jeans and leggings, so I can typically fold the hem under and it stays put when the need arises.

You rock the wide leg look, by the way! I'm FAR too short to pull it off!! :P