Halloween Costume!

I'm not going to lie, Halloween is hands down my favorite holiday.
It used to be for the candy, now it's for the chance to dress up and be terrified/terrifying for a night. I love the idea of dressing up to become someone else.

So I've been thinking about what I'm going to be this year for my annual Halloween party. I'm thinking Cat Woman, just because I think she's completely bad-ass.

I know I'm wearing long gloves, my over the knee boots and my leather jacket (it's going to be cold while we're watching the village parade). But what to wear underneath? Maybe my liquid leggings and bustier?
Or keep it traditional and wear a full body cat suit?


I feel like the former would give me a little more support and self confidence, personally. And additionally I wouldn't have to buy anything new (except for a whip of course, that's something I don't exactly have on hand ;) ).
Also the mask.
Should I go half mask, an actual over the head cat-woman mask, or just cat ears?
Decisions, decisions....

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